Thursday, 31 March 2005

And in Berlin...

The funeral for Horst (or Fred as I learnt he liked to be called) has been and gone, it passed without incident, I only got upset when mum suddenly burst out crying and I mean really sobbing; she also cried out 'I can't stand it' and the genuine despair and pain in her voice nearly sent me to my knees. Grandma called her an angel. She is. I love you mum.

I realised as I watched my cousins weep, as thier Grandfather's body disappered behind the curtain to be cremated, how he was a real Grandfather to them, whereas to me and my other cousins he was a periferal figure and a man respossible for some terrible things. Yet for them his passing was a painful moment of loss, I'm glad that to someone at least he meant something.

A few things to lighten the atmopsphere then, first off we have a caption competition that is always excellent and well worth you posting on, so get the funny word gland in your brain working over time.

My good acting pal John has written a lovely post about 'Diagnosis Murder' which is one of my favourite TV shows (when I used to watch that monster in the corner of our living rooms) so it had to feature as it brought a smile to my face.

I also invested in 'Bob Dylan Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue' for some serious Dylan rock and roll, swirling, biting guitars and howling in the wind vocals and harmonica. Briliant!

Off to Wrexham tomorrow so wish me well in the land of industrial decay and sheep.


  1. Hey! Glad you liked the post. When you back around? I miss you man... sniff.

  2. I'm back and forth betwix the Notts and the LDN due to shows. I'll be in touch soon mate.

  3. The Dylan cd is great! I'm a big Dylan fan. Just surfing around and came across your blog from one to the next to another, kind of like dominoes.


  4. I too am a big Dylan fan and have the other albums in the bootleg series but the Rolling Thunder one really rocks out.


  5. We actors don't get a lot of Isobella Lawrence till we get "really" famous - but we live and breathe our Isobella Lawrence regardless. Isobella Lawrence
    Like your blog :o)


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