Friday, 25 March 2005

Bangers vs Fuckers

I think I'm going to give myself a break over the next few days but before I go and rest up, eat cake and have a shower I thought I'd leave you with something to mull over.

Via Rough Trade record shop I stumbled upon the work of a band called The Coachwhips and invested £7 in their album 'Bangers vs Fuckers' which although lasts a mere 18 minutes is one of the finest damn records I've heard this year. An utterly compelling ball of clattering noise, think Pussy Galore but with better equipment and bigger riffs.

So if you buy one record this Easter, make it that one please.


  1. Someone I once knew saw them in San Francisco a few years ago and said it was the best show he ever saw. They played at a club/laundromat called the "Sit 'n Spin."

  2. Sounds like my cup of tea i`ll check these guys out.

  3. Thanks Jodi, if I get a chance to see them in the UK I will.


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