Saturday, 12 March 2005

Coronation Street

Just got back from Manchester and feeling jolly good indeed. The show went really well, Mark and I were tight and funny and I was trying to implement some of the excellent suggestions of people who've been to see it, trying to push less (force it really) and let the comedy come as well as letting Barry (my characters) simplicity ooze out rather than working to hard for the stupidity...if that makes any sense at all?

Audience giggled all the way through it and we really had them at the end, I heard a gasp when Mark stabbed me which is pretty cool; from laughter to shock in a split second. They really worked hard for us as an audience and we responded by putting our hearts in to it and bending our backs to give them some good theatre. I think they went home happy.

The audience had some 'important' people in which I didn't really think about until after. There was a couple of casting agents for TV as well as Pantomime legend and top actor of some years experience Kenneth Alan Taylor and also some actors from Coronation Street including Chris Gascoine who used to play Peter Barlow and Trevor Dwyer Lynch who used to play Patrick Tussel.

They all loved it which made me beam with pride and hopefully (not wanting to sound mercenary) one of them may in someway shape or form take a chance on so to speak. Trevor was an especially nice guy (I've met Chris a few times already and he's lovely) and we chatted for a long time about topics ranging from Rwanda through to roles for black actors. He's got a great way with people and also is very straight with all the celebrity bullshit that follows him and Chris around. Hopefully, we'll be doing a show in Chris' house; it'll be a laugh, a few beers and good craic and a chance to hang out again.

What was bizarre is to be around that kind of celebrity, it was quite disturbing at times. You're chatting to your mates and some random just butts in and starts chatting to them as if they know them or calling them by their character name or asking them dull, soap-based trivia like: 'How tall is Ken Barlow really?' Like who gives a fuck?

Some dozy bird started chatting to Chris about whether he hangs out with the other cast members, she was shocked to discover that they don't all drink together or even know where each other lives. As Chris said to her: 'It's a job, like working in a sausage factory, some people you know well, others you don't, some you hate, some you love.' It may sound a little disingenuous but it's true. The only thing he missed out was that it's a fucking great job!

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