Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Death Disco

Tonight I'm DeeJaying at the Central School of Speech and Drama's Student Union. Lovely. My preferred method of attack is to begin with ska, roots and a bit of dub before blasting them to bits with a wall of deep funk and soul rare grooves. The end of my set tonight will degenerate into a bit of Grime and Electro I fancy but who knows what'll happen.

The last time I DeeJayed there they refused to lower the lights for all the people who wanted to dance so we ended up with everyone nodding their heads to the beats and wiggling in their chairs.

I find it bizarre how if people like the tunes you play they nod at you in some ancient gesture of musical respect, not a word is spoken, apart from one bloke who came up to congratulate me on my ska and rocksteady numbers. That's why I do it man, for the love of a fellow connoisseur.

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