Tuesday, 22 March 2005


Workshopped a script at school today that I may be doing at the Edinburgh Festival this year, it was very physical in terms of the approach to the text and therefore I ache like hell. However, I did manage to overcome my fear of skipping (we used a skipping rope game as a warm-up in the afternoon) which has been bugging me for a while and all that remains is my fear of forward rolls (I had a bad experience at primary school, I thought I'd snapped my neck).

Also spending a lot of time fretting about getting agents and what not to come and see my showcase pieces in June. The whole reason I came on this course was to springboard into a better level of acting work and to secure representation and I'm worried that June will pass and I'll be exactly where I started.

When I first started dabbling on the internet I remember my good friend Rob warning me about the dangers of using online discussion forums and indeed I am starting to understand (4 years later) the God awful cess pit those places can descend into when no one actually has to meet face to face.

Their is something compellingly addictive about taking abuse from people who wouldn't even have the guts to talk to you in public but after a while it just gets plain boring and then it starts to make me angry.

Meeting up with my dad tomorrow and having some jars around Shepherd's Market, be nice to chat with the old one and fill him in on all my worries.


  1. Dude, I have to teach you a feldenkrais forward roll, no chance of snapping your neck and feels amazing! Damn, wish I had some more manly knowledge to pass on to you other than forward rolls.

    bye john


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