Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Grandad Hoffmann

And then something comes to put all the pointless fretting about what project I'm doing into perspective, my Grandad is dying as I type, in a hospital in Nottingham.

Mum phoned and told me, she suddenly started to cry which set me off and then it stopped as suddenly as it came; shock I suppose. Mum thinks he may last a few days or a few hours, she has no idea, she also told me not to be rushing up to Notts to go see him but rather wait and see.

So I wait and see...

My Grandad fought in World War II but for the Germans as he is German and where I get the excellent half of my surname from. I've decided that I've got to go to Berlin where he is from and just spend some time in the city of my roots. I'm proud of being a bit German, it was always cool at school to offer insight from the 'enemies' perspective whenever we looked at WW2. I'll tell you more about my Grandad later but for now I just can't.

Just in case you were wondering I went for the piece about loss rather than the piece about stasis, having said that there might be a chance of me doing all three after all that fuss; although frankly who gives a fuck as my Grandad is dying.

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