Friday, 18 March 2005

Hanging In

Grandad is hanging in there which is not unlike him but it is causing further distress as the concerns around 'putting him down' start to emerge; ie: have we written him off to early? I wonder what he knows and doesn't as he slips in and out of life.

His only son is going to speak to him tomorrow, deathbed words to heal years of pain.

It's a crummy business, it really is. Everytime the phone rings I wonder if that's the end and poor old Mark phoned this morning and felt rather bad, no need of course.

It seems the eBay gig thing is now on after being off and on again. In a nutshell we sold the show to some internet geek with no mates who lives with his mum so had no friends to invite. The BBC however were champing at the bit to film it and so a report which is lovely coverage for us. Loath to cancel it we had to search around for a stand in venue and then the BBC were iffy but it seems all is back on. I'll be on the TV again then which is all good.

I bought some flip-fops today in preparation for Summer, I also treated Marie to some pink ones because I love her. I am also going to put in a proposal to the FRESH festival in London to show my Human Shrapnel piece as a warm-up for festival and to get some feedback on it to make it better so I better get cracking working on it.

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