Monday, 28 March 2005


Before I go on, Safa was lovely so if ever you're in south LDN get yourself down there for some top curried scran.

Marie and I were out tonight for our friend Nick's 30th birthday, he also happens to be an actor (a bloody good one) and the current face of the Pot Noodle adverts. You know, the ones about having 'a Pot Noodle Horn'. I must confess I don't watch TV so I've not seen them but Marie tells me they are really funny and I trust her comedy judgment.

We ended up in a lovely restaurant in Islington which served Turkish food and we feasted ourselves grandly. It all went a bit wrong when we started singing Happy Birthday to Nick and the staff presented him with a shot of ouzo and then told him to stand on his chair and dance...and I mean told. Now if you knew Nick this already would be bloody funny but I've never seen a man protest more in an attempt to deny the seemingly inevitable fit of dancing. The protesting from Nick and pleas from the staff went on for what felt like and hour and by the end I was weeping...Nick however was looking very red and I quote, "felt violated".

Nick also provided me with some excellent advice on my acting, that I need to listen more, in fact I need to start listening fullstop to the other performer. In a nutshell, Nick was talking about my selfish tendencies as an actor to make sure I'm great (and therefore lock into what I need as an actor to pull of this 'greatness') even if the piece suffers. This attitude makes me inflexible and not a true ensemble player, more importantly it stunts my growth as an actor.

My next show is 1st April, after Horst's funeral, so that's seems a good time to actually start listening to Mark and responding to what he gives me, rather than marking time through a pre-designed bunch of reactions and moments.

Thanks Nick, I owe you one man.

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