Monday, 14 March 2005

Lit Idol

The strange jobs you get as an actor. This one is best filed under 'Corporate' on the old CV next to staff induction videos and pretending to be a criminal for law students.

Lit Idol took place today at the London Book Festival and was a literary take on the Pop Idol phenomena and even included Simon Cowell's nicer and less famous brother. Five writers had been shortlisted and they would receive feedback 'live' on their books and then the audience vote (albeit their vote only counting as 25% towards the final tally) and then the winner is announced.

Where I came in, and fellow actor Victoria, was reading the extracts to the audience, not rocket science admittedly but amazing how easy it is to fuck up reading. We did a bloody fine job and I even pulled off a consistent US accent for longer than 8 seconds.

My favourite was the one that won, written by the rather cool Otis Twelve (real name Douglas Wesselmann, which is perhaps not so cool) and had the words tit, piss, pee and tug in it so naturally romped home over the other less exciting and somewhat clumsy entrants. And I read it so it was bound to win, right?


  1. Hell, Daniel, I thought Doug was rather cool as well.


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