Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Loss or Stasis?

Today was an awkward day. As our end of term thing at Central we're putting on a showcase of our work, a festival of new theatre so to speak. And to cut a long story short I have to choose between two friends and which of their shows to do for the festival. Not easy at all.

Luckily I'm doing my own one-man show called 'Human Shrapnel/Our Style is Legendary' and that's my banker in terms of doing what I want to do but I feel torn between the other two projects and no, before you ask I can't do both. Arse. Adding to the awkwardness is time pressure, I need to make a decision now, so any thoughts please feel free to comment and pass judgment. In a nutshell do I do...

  1. A two hander about loss where I play a widowed man and will be set in a house/graveyard.
  2. A ensemble piece performed in a theatre about the stasis between the start of a journey and the end?

The council tax bill also came today, how shit is that?

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