Wednesday, 30 March 2005


Bloody trains.

I am now back in Nottingham, which will be my base for the next few days as I make my way to Horst's funeral (tomorrow) and then off to Wrexham on the 1st April to do 'Thick as Thieves'. All this meant that I had to travel on a bloody train to get here, which actually wasn't that bad apart from a little lad playing on some portable gaming device that made an amazing array of annoying noises in polyphonic sound. Git. I have many more ahead of me (train journeys that is rather than an endless line of children playing games) and look forward to sharing the terror of Midland Mainline with you.

An old friend got back in touch via the wonder of the internet yesterday, it was such a treat to get an email from him, his name being Rich White and this being his website. The last time we saw each other was back in 2001 I think and it was a weird, strained evening due to a large array of factors like: me and my partner at the time falling out, excessive spilling of red wine, my partner making me side with her about how annoying Rich's partner was. This was all mostly under the surface but it was just odd. When Rich made contact he mentioned that night and explained that his father had just passed away. Kinda made me feel crummy. Apologies Rich.

What I love, since I started blogging, is stumbling upon random blogs and this one got started today so make it feel welcome and visit it please. I look foward to keeping an eye on this one...


  1. thanks for the mention dan.
    it was a strange night. and a strange year. sorry our partners didn't get on. sometimes some people just don't mix. ah well.
    hope to see you when you get back to london.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Rich, I'll be in touch next week.

  3. Thank you, Daniel, for the kind words of encouragement and the mention here in your blog. Your cashier's cheque in the amount of one pound is in the mail. Don't spend it all in one place! Cheers from the USA!

  4. I'll put the money towards some beer methinks...


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