Saturday, 5 March 2005


I have a slight headache after the beers consumed (6 pints of Grand Union Gold) last night and I got told that I'm a man with a big soul (which I took to mean as a good thing) as well as walking home with my housemate Leila and watching in horror as she fell arse over tit in a puddle of ice, or as she called it 'stacked it'. Am I the only person to have never heard the term 'stacked it' before?

I thought it'd be useful if I posted my acting CV for those that are interested, just so you can see what kinda stuff I've done. So here ya'll go...

DOB: 17.04.1976 Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Height: 6ft 7in Build: Medium

Training: Central School of Speech and Drama


  • Behind the Banner, Presenter, Channel 4, Director: Sunandan Walia
  • Fastest Milk Float in the World, Presenter, Carlton, Director: Al Clark
  • Emmerdale, Lenny, Yorkshire, Director: Tim Dowd
  • Peak Practice, Jury Foreman, Carlton, Director: Alan Grint
  • Dangerfield, Charlie, BBC, Director: Richard Houlthous
  • Heartbeat, Buster, Yorkshire, Director: Graham Moore


  • Thick as Thieves, Barry Ireland, Wellington Films, Director: Iain Gray
  • Weirddoug Goes Camping, Shaker Man, Hard Graft, Director: Mark Whiteley
  • Making it Big, Dan, Wellington Films, Director: Al Clark
  • Boxed In, Lionel, Wellington Films, Director: Rachel Robey


  • Passenger Action, Passenger 1, Embassy Theatre, Director: Arnaud Mugglestone
  • Thick as Thieves, Barry Ireland, Hard Graft, Director: Keith Hukin/Sara Poyzer
  • Sing-A-Long Sound of Music, Priest, Sing-a-long-a, Director: Graham Baxter
  • Jamaica House, Bobby, Nottingham Playhouse, Director: Paul Sirett
  • Free From Fear, Dad, Blurred Clarity, Director: Daniel Hoffmann-Gill
  • LINK, Jamie, Blurred Clarity, Director: Daniel Hoffmann-Gill
  • Macbeth, Porter, Nottingham Playhouse, Director: Jeremy Stroughair
  • Heaven of Davids, David, Nottingham Playhouse, Director: Matt Aston
  • The Home, Henry, Blurred Clarity, Director: Christina Kiff
  • Hobchob’s Choice, Hobchob, Blurred Clarity, Director: Christina Kiff
  • Carnival, Phil, Blurred Clarity, Director: Christina Kiff
  • Bedders and Pike, Bedders, Hard Graft, Director: Sara Poyzer


  • Voiceovers for BBC Radio Nottingham


  • East Midlands Development Agency, Staff Induction Video
  • Nottingham Law School, Trial Reconstructions/Bar Assessments
  • Framework, Corporate Video


  • Professional playwright/writer. Experience of directing. Stand-up comedy (worked with Lenny Henry and Alistair McGowan). Experienced drama teacher and workshop provider also creative writing workshop provider. English teacher. Project Management. Youth Worker. Stage technician, stage electrician and stage manager. Play reader for Nottingham Playhouse and New Perspectives Theatre Company
  • Voice: Baritone
  • Accents: Nottingham (native), Strong Northern, Scouse, Scottish, London, RP, General American
  • Sports: Swimming, Basketball, Football, Cricket
  • Other: Full Clean Driving Licence

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