Tuesday, 22 March 2005

New Cross Gate

Did the show for the BBC tonight of Thick as Thieves in a house in SE14, otherwise known as New Cross Gate which is just down the road from me. It should be on TV on Wednesday so keep 'em peeled.

It was alright, we were a bit sloppy and it was an audience of actors so they were a bit tight but they laughed and clapped loads (so much that I thought we'd have to leg it back downstairs and take another bow) and came up after and said nice things.

I nearly ended missing the gig after some 'Passenger Action' in Wimbledon which stopped me getting the train back from Kingston and having to get a bus to Putney and train onwards. It makes me laugh when they announce that the trains aren't running due to a person on the tracks, you can see everyone cursing the selfish, suicidal manic for their act of self-indulgence. We don't even spare a thought for the poor sod or why they did it.

To be honest I always imagine it's some one with poor balance who fell into the path of an oncoming train or a drunk who went out oblivious due to booze.

Grandad's funeral 31st March, 11:50 Bramcote cremetorium, feel free to pop along.

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