Sunday, 6 March 2005

New York New York

It's the weekend so Marie, my beautiful girlfriend and wife to be, is with me in Camberwell. Last night we booked a holiday to New York which is just brilliant and we are both really excited even though it is 9 months away...That's correct, to get the best deal we've booked it 9 months in advance and we'll be jetting off to NY on the 16th December for 5 nights of fun. This is where we'll be staying if any of you are looking for a bargain hotel in the Big Apple but please don't stalk me.

This morning Marie and I entertained ourselves by looking up 80's kid's TV shows, Marie is a big fan of Charlie Chalk and turned me on to the wonders of the theme tune to The Poddington Peas which will be featuring in my set when I DJ at the Central School of Speech and Drama this Wednesday. I'll let you know how that goes down with the kids.

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