Saturday, 26 March 2005

Nottingham Bloggers

I was born in Nottingham, in 1976 to be precise, at the City Hospital and then lived (deep breath) in Mapperley, St Anns, Carlton, Netherfield, Wollaton Park (the area, not under a tree homeless...although it got close) and finally West Bridgford before moving off to London and the lovely Camberwell.

So it was with great delight I stumbled upon By the Sea Shore which then took me to this list of Nottingham bloggers, so with that and Left Lion I can get all the Notts based facts I desire just in case I ever start missing 'my manor'.

Off for a meal tonight with the good lady Marie to a place called Safa which is a trendy Indian eaterie. The only downside being that I only have £3.29 to my name so looks like this one will be on her.

Painfully aware that I need to really start work on my performance for the Festival so I have something to bring to the start of rehearsals. I also need to figure out when I'm actually going to be on so I can start inviting all the agents and casting people so I can secure myself representation for my career.

And relax...

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  1. £3.29 isn't much money as I have learned from my selection of books by British authors. It's somewhat close to $3.29 here. It might buy you a fancy coffee from Starbucks but that's it.

    Good luck in the festival. I'm sure you'll do great. And cheer up, everything will be in order soon. Everything does happen for a reason, but God never gives us more than we can handle either. I look forward to viewing you on American television someday. :)


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