Thursday, 10 March 2005

Off to Manchester

The title gives it away doesn't it? The next leg of the Thick as Thieves tour takes us to a theatre called the Waterside in Sale, Manchester and I'm leaving in a few hours after a chat with my performance tutor at drama school.

As always I'm glad to be back in front of a paying audience, in a proper theatre, working your heart out to give the people a good night out. You take it for granted all this, the privilege of being paid to act and as soon as this tour ends come May I'll be all grumpy and worrying about where my next job is coming from.

The only downer about this gig is that we've not sold many tickets and they've been pretty clueless at marketing it which is a shame. I thought on a tour of venues like this we wouldn't have to worry about audiences but it seems I was wrong. We did get spoiled in Nottingham though, two full houses of people laughing themselves to bits.

Better split...OFF TO MANCHESTER!

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