Thursday, 3 March 2005

Personality Blanket

Another day, another World Book Day workshop, this time in deepest East Ham at a lovely girl's school called The Plashet School which has a marvelous covered bridge linking the two separate sites that looks like a piece of modern art. Once again I was in a school with a 87% non-white population and if I sound like I've got a hang up about this I haven't; it's just coming from Nottingham I'm not used to such diversity.

It was fun but tiring, the sessions were an hour and forty minutes of keeping 30 young people happy and entertained with the concept of reading more books. You go try it and see how hard it is...

While we were doing the story telling game one of the students came up with 'Personality Blanket' as the title for our story. I like the sound of that, a blanket that gives you a personality (for some reason I can't help but think of that chap in Snoopy with a security blanket, I suppose if you took that away from him he wouldn't have a personality...Snoopy scholars go discuss!) but the kids decided that the blanket sucks out your personality and turns you into a zombie.

Re-reading Antonin Artuad's 'The Theatre and it's Double' at the moment which is an inspiring if somewhat wayward text that is more poetically formed theory then practical handbook but his melodramatic, hectic thoughts on actors use of breath are intriguing to try out.

A good actor friend of mine is having some difficulty at the moment with the creative process of the people he's working with and his issues with the vacuous and self-indulgent nature of their work has really struck a chord with me. I think that spiting the audience with your bourgeois performance theories and being afraid of anything that remotely sniffs of narrative is not only naive but is for me empty, theatrical posturing of the worst kind.

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