Thursday, 24 March 2005

A Raft of New Things

I've just completed my 'Individual Scheme of Research' for my Masters Degree and the bit I am most proud of is...

"Indeed there is much talk in British theatre of risk-taking and danger but this, for me, is an empty stance of cheap, soft, un-politicised (it took an aging Arthur Miller to issue a wake-up call to Western makers) theatrical thrills for a mainly bourgeois and squeamish audience/industry. Too much work exists in a poverty-safety zone of actors staying within their boundaries.

Hard hitting, remorseless facts a go-go!

I've tweaked a few things on the old blog, including adding a whole raft of new links that I think are great, please have a browse as the quality is superb and if you've any suggestions (especially blogs and feel free to plug your own) then drop me an email. You also won't have failed to notice the massive MAKE POVERTY HISTORY banner I've added, I hope you get the hint and donate and do your bit please.

I've also added a quote of the day thing under the Blogger icon, apart from it won't be a quote and I doubt it'll change every day but you get the jist.


  1. I like the banner. The one on my site isn't as big, but it still does the job. Nice blog, feel free to check mine out and comment there if you like.

  2. Thanks dude, I decided to go with the big one after switching back and forth, I suppose I wanted it unsubtle! I'll go over to your blog now!

  3. Me? Me? Me?
    Oh, and I'm just curious... how did you ever find the Dark Madness in the beginning? I found you 'cause you commented on it, but I always wondered how you found me.


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