Friday, 4 March 2005

A Spaniard in the Works

Jesus wept, I really need a beer. I've not been out now for about two weeks but tonight's the night and I'm off into Camberwell to stock up on some booze in my guts at the very fine Castle pub.

I've been looking at some pictures from the New York club scene in the 70's and it left me a bit wistful for a hedonistic nightspot experience. I heartily recommend visiting the link above but beware that some of the people out clubbing in the 70's couldn't keep their penises in their pants whilst having a good time. As you do...

I'll soon be having a new housemate, Pepe who is from the Canary Islands, he looks to be joining our household in the next few weeks, hopefully he's lovely and will cook me lots of Spanish dishes and clean the bathroom. We can but dream.

Right better get ready for my out and line my stomach with soup and bread.


  1. I am disgusted by the pictures you have linked but feel sorry for you as no-one posts on your site.


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