Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Still on Patrol

I spent tonight exploring the place where I'll be performing a site specific piece at the beginning of May (Friday 6th if you're interested). I'll be doing a show on a boat moored on the Thames just near Temple tube. Site specific is always a winner, you could do anything on that marvelous boat and people would still walk away happy, the secret of site specific is not doing too much, let the space wow the audience and you reap the benefits...That sounds mercenary but fuck it, I'm taking advantage of a decommissioned ship for fucksake; that can't count.

Actually, I'm not going to be 'in it' in the traditional sense as I'll be in Lincoln performing 'Thick as Thieves' but I'll be in it via what we call mediatised performance: video, projection, sound, 2d images etc, so it should be interesting.

Not far from the ship is a memorial to the submariners that died in the Second World War, it was covered in wreaths and all of them carried the words 'Still on Patrol'. There was something so unbearably poignant about that statement, the idea that they were still out there somewhere, still searching for enemy U-boats, or perhaps left searching forever with all their fallen comrades.

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