Saturday, 2 April 2005

Abort the Joke

For some reason the thought of performing for Amanda Holden is causing some disturbance.

Not that I'm interested in celebrities, I go out of my way to be aloof and positively ignore them (unless I know them of course) but other people are fascinated. You can say, 'Oh I've just done some work with young offenders and really made some breakthroughs with their offending behaviour' and people nod and smile but you say: 'I'm doing a show in someone's house and Amanda Holden will be there' and they get all excited and think it's brilliant and want to come with you.

It's a strange, seemingly compelling thing, we'll have to see how it all turns out. Which reminds of something that happened in the van on the way to Wrexham.

We (me, Mark and Jim) got cabin fever being cooped up in the van and started screaming hysterically and shouting APRIL FOOL and making crap jokes. Jim was making some half arsed jest and we all got very excited about the idea of 'aborting the joke', we then screamed some more and shouted words like:
  • Bail out!
  • Pull out!
  • Abort! Abort! Abort!

Sure you can imagine the rest. You really shoudn't put that many men together in a small space should you?


  1. Ai ai ai... reminds me of Jasmine Lowsom and how I almost didn't get married...

  2. The naked news reader? Did you go out with her?


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