Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Blame the iPod

Apologies for a day skipped but as I sat down to write my girlfriend Marie looked at me like 'you're not really going to sit there and stare at a screen and type for half an hour whilst I sit here after you've not seen me for a few days you twat?' My Marie can say a lot with her eyes the wonderful woman.

Before I go on, a warning, the new albums by 'Hot Hot Heat' and Ben Folds are both very weak which is a bloody shame as I've paid £30 for Ben Fold's tickets in May. Apart from his song about Elliott Smith which is pretty fine.

I got an iPod for my birthday, a proper 20GB one that holds 5000 tunes, now I own some 580 albums which, at an average of 12 per album (I mean some like Can only have 4 really long tracks but Minor Threat has got 31 of the densest jams ever laid down), is 6960 songs so I'll have to be selective. Having an iPod and converting my music collection is taking up much of my time, hence lack of posting but I've decided to take my time and enjoy the task of transmorphing my CDs to MP3s.

We've started on the site specific project on the HMS President, with the slight problem that I won't be there for the actual performance due to being in Lincoln doing 'Thick as Thieves' so me and Pete (who also won't be there) are doing some fancy stuff with Conservative party publicity material, the sound of crying and grinding of teeth and hopefully projecting our faces on the River Thames. As you do...

I've just phoned up the Conservatives head office, masquerading as someone who actually likes their foolish policies and they are sending some stuff to me in the post but I reckon we'll be needing more than that so I've phoned my local Tory candidate, Jessica Lee to see if I can get a job load of propaganda. Funnily enough turns out she was born in Nottingham and went to Loughborough University like me...small world.


  1. It's okay, I forgive you. Always put your woman first.

    ...And buy her chocolate.

    ...And send me some too, will ya?

  2. It's Ben and Jerry's cookie dough that does it...

  3. any woman who can say "twat" with her eyes is alright by the Col. Dr.

    I've sent introductory messages to the proper adjutants with the Conservative propaganda machine. Your access to previously un-raped cheesy sentiments (which shall shortly be assaulting the senses of your fellow countrymen) is now free and complete.


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