Thursday, 14 April 2005

Broken Biscuits

“To tell the truth is revolutionary.” Antonio Gramsci

Indeed it is Mr Gramsci and that's what I've done as I've struggled through completing my essays for my Masters Degree which are now, as I live and breath, finished. HURRAH!

To celebrate I went out for a few jars of ale with drama school pals and I am now relaxing with some Cherry Coke and some broken biscuits (at 99p for 700g) in front of my PC before I doze into a blissful and deeply compelling sleep.

I shall leave you with a picture of broken biscuits and a reminder that the 17th April is my birthday, I shall be 29.


  1. If I forget to tell you (which I probably will unless you post something about your birthday on the 17th) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!

  2. You should be proud of yourself for completing those essays. I went through the same ordeal in 1984. Nine essays in seventy-two hours, on such varying topics as the impact of satellites on news services, an analysis of various TV ratings systems, and a comparison of the writing styles of VS Naipaul and Pablo Neruda. Believe it or not, I've never had to use any of that information since then. The only things I remember are 1)sitting at my typewriter (remember those?) somewhere around the 60th hour, with a nosebleed, and not even stopping to try and staunch the bleeding; and 2) attending a wine-and-cheese party hosted by one of my professors shortly afterwards while hallucinating that comedian-actor Steve Allen was in the room with us. I get the feeling the two things were somehow interconnected.

    I hope the information you've gained helps you more in your career than mine has.


  3. Wise words ballon pirate and damn funny anecdote! My masters is very practical so these essays reflect that and (I hope) they'll be useful to me in my career...

  4. Happy early Birthday. My grandfather's birthday is the same day, so it'll be easy for me to remember.

    Also congratulations for completing your Master's essays. Passing out after Cherry Coke, ale (beer) and biscuits (cookies) is a pretty darn good way to end the night.

  5. Indeed it is! Like a king! I like your translations for my US readers...


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