Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Clear the Air

A bonus late night post for ya'll based around the fact that I've had a few beers after the opening night at the Leicester Haymarket and I'm a bit cocky and a bit razzed. It went very well, very damn well indeed, even though I got the feeling that people were looking down their noses at our show due to it's basis in slapstick comedy, old fashioned laughs and a working class air of genuine realism that the bourgeois always find a little upsetting. They put on a spread for us to celebrate our first night and we did some glad-handing before driving back to Nottingham.
It was during this journey that I went about airing my beef with Jim and Mark relating to feeling bullied by some of their behaviour during the tour. I won't go into to details but Mark told me he loved me (I love you too Caz) and Jim defended himself but it seems we have at last cleared the air and hopefully we can get on putting on a bloody good show without any upset.

More good news today as the show I did at drama school last term, 'Passenger Action', has been put forward to appear at the BAC which will be a wonderful career springboard in a great venue.

I shall leave you with this movie of a disabled man with no arms and legs dancing.

Thank you.

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