Sunday, 3 April 2005

Custard Makes you Gay

Before I go on can I just clear up the fact that if you have custard with apple strudel that makes you gay but if you have ice cream you're straight. Is that clear? Okay then, we shall get on with the rest of the damn post.

This is John Birch, he was a very mediocre cricketer and I thought I'd give him some fame.

Now we'll get on with this post properly by drawing your attention to the new links in my links section ("really, they're in your links section you crazy bastard?"), one of which is Barnze and his musings. Now I've linked to Barnze because he's a Nottingham chap and he frequents one of the messageboards I use a lot and he's a bloody good bloke. Now he's only just started blogging so take it easy with him but he's posting new stuff like buggery so go pay a visit please and get a bit of Nottingham on your PC.

And I think that's it with it being a Sunday and all.

UPDATE: On my web trawls I discovered that The Opinion has linked to me and didn't tell me so I've made up for that oversight and linked yet another damn fine blog in my blog roll.



  1. Uh, don't understand the custard/ice cream thing. But I thought a man was gay if he liked other men and not women. I didn't know dessert had anything to do with it...Interesting...I will keep that in mind.

    And, I suppose now I'll have to check out another blog because you do in fact have great taste in blogs. :)

  2. Cheers for the link Dan..I think i got it sussed my end..

    It's hard to type with ya thumb bandaged up.
    Cheers Barnze

  3. Yeah, I've been to your site and it all seems spick and span. Cool.


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