Friday, 29 April 2005

I Can't Look Him in the Eyes

I am taking a risk and typing an entry but if Blogger crashes again I may have to get heavy on it's ass. BLOGGER YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Where to begin? Wednesday then, in summary (the post that dare not speak its name for fear of being sucked into the interweb void), was bizarre. I spent the first half of the day working on a art installation on a boat that mocks the Conservative party and makes the audience wade through paper, whilst listening to grown men sobbing and a video of me and my friend Pete saying shit...and the second half in the Cardinal Hinsley RC High School for Boys, which is quite a rough school in a disadvantaged area of London. Infact I'll be at this school every Wednesday afternoon for the next few weeks, running drama workshops to boost communication skills and self-esteem. I enjoyed the class, even though the kids were tough but it was strange going from such a self-indulgent environment of making art to then working with young people in an intense, demanding environment.

We did a lot of work on eye contact during the session, active listening and body language and the lads all said how hard it was to maintain eye contact whilst talking, many of them saying that eye contact, rather than being a sign of respect, is only used when you want to intimidate that person. This led to a discussion on eye contact and I suppose I'd never seen it as a weapon before.

Yesterday I was at Our Lady's Primary doing an after school drama club with 5 year olds which was exhausting but fun, there was only 5 of them thank God as any more and I may have collapsed. We just played games and I ended the session on my knees pretending to be an alien.

My good friend Stuart is staying until Saturday, he came out last night to watch me DJ (how dull is that) and we shared a bed and slept surprisingly well, although he did give me a bit of an elbow in the face but I forgive him. Tonight we're off to Safa for some curry and beer and intense man chat. Another good friend, Rich White of counterwork, also came to see me play records (ska, reggae, funk, soul and electro) and we chatted art and filled one another in on what we've been up to in the last 5 years since our paths last crossed.

And I'm spent...


  1. I have always wanted to try curry. It's hot, right? So I could never get Bones to take me out for curry. I'm from Texas so I have what is called a 'pepper-belly'. And my husband is a wimp when it comes to spicy food.

  2. You should, we're lucky in the UK to have a fine tradition of good curry houses. For the beginner I'd recommend the Korma, very creamy, not spicey and lovely indeed!

  3. I have a problem with eye contact too. I start out a conversation fine but then my eyes just dart away every so often. I agree with your students - eye contact can be quite intimidating. When I do notice that should be maintaining more eye contact, I sometimes find myself more focused on the eye contact and losing sight of what I am saying.

    I can't get into Thai curry dishes, but I like Indian curry. I had a roommate in college who was Malaysian and every month, she would cook for her campus Malaysian group. The curry she used would be so ridiculously potent, the windows needed to be open for two days to air out after those nights. That was a totally different type of curry.

  4. I was totally talking about Indian rather than Thai.

    It was lush!


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