Tuesday, 12 April 2005

A Joke

Thank the Lord, I is back online and have time for a brief update.

The show at Kenneth Alan Taylor's house where Amanda Holden was present went very, very well indeed. Many important people were there and they loved the show, in fact I'd say it was the best Mark and I had done it for some time (on this tour at least) and we were, virtually, perfect. It was a wonderful experience and a great thing to be part of, one of my best acting experiences. Amanda enjoyed it so much that she is bringing her mum and friends to see us when we're on at the Yvonne Arnaud. Maybe you could join us?

After the wonder of that show we were, by Monday, brought shuddering back to earth with a show for young offenders in Halifax. As Mark and I slugged our guts out on stage the young people talked on mobile phones, chatted to each other and dis-respected our efforts. I've worked with young people for some time so I'm used to this kind of shit but for some reason it really got to me and after taking my bow I stomped off and brooded before running the workshop where, to add insult to injury, half of them walked out whilst I was in the middle of teaching. Jim (our technician) came up to me and said how he didn't know how I could do it, I didn't have an answer for him.

I'll end on a joke. A prostitute is running short of money and not getting enough trade to live so she decides to do 'a sale' and offers her clients a deal where she'll do anything for £10 as long as it is only three words. So the first bloke says: 'Suck my cock' and she does. The second bloke says: 'Go on top' so she does and the third bloke (a Yorkshiremen) says: 'Paint my house'.

(Insert drum roll here)


  1. Hey! Thanks for the visit - funny old (small) world it is!


  2. You seem to comment on my blog very early in the morning. But then I remember it's not so early for you; you're like 6 hours ahead of me. :)

  3. That's right Red, I live in a different country to you.

    Thanks for dropping by Barnaby.

  4. Hey,

    Maybe I should know but who is Amanda Holden, except for the fact she is a very hot looking lady from the pics. Otherwise I have no idea.

  5. She's an actress and model and famous in the UK.


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