Saturday, 30 April 2005

Kirky... my mate and the lovely chap who has been staying at mine the last few days. He's just gone back home to Nottingham and I quite miss him, I reckon he'd make a lovely best man at my wedding!

We had a cracking time last night, the curry was all good, I opted for Lamb Passanda whilst Kirky took Marie's advice and had the Lamb Rogan Josh which we washed down with copious amounts of beer. I took myself to the brink of eating so much food that I nearly sicked up but I forced back the vomit and carried on eating. Infact, we both ate so much that as we sat in the pub afterwards it felt as if we were stoned...high on curry. As we drank more beer in a fug of food induced madness we played chess...Kirky won...the shit. He'll be back at the end of May for another knees up.

Something over at Burned Out Paranoid Democrat concerning government sponsored censorship of photos got me thinking, I'd like to share with you a couple of links that show the reality of Gulf War V.2.0, for the US troops especially. The first is UnderMars and this collection of images at The Memory Hole. My thoughts and respect to you that fight bravely in a war based on lies and deception and watch as your comrades lose their lives for the sake of oil and profits.

Rather you than me Brother Death.


  1. Thank you for those links, and your intelligent commentary. If I may ask you a personal question: Are you British, or an American living abroad? Your knowledge of what passes for politics is quite impressive.


  2. I'm British with a real passion for global politics and a love of the US, not under it's current leadership but as a Nation with a set of ideals that still stand as a high water mark of democracy, if a little tatty and fading at the moment.

    Nice to have you on board BP.

  3. I don't get into politics and war with anyone because I don't like to get into long heated arguments. I'm not saying I disagree with you. I'm just saying that I don't like to talk about it. :)

    It sounds like you had a wonderful dinner last night. Maybe I will find a curry house here and try it. I wouldn't even know what to look for though. I suppose I'd start in the telephone directory...Please don't laugh because I don't know this, but what type of food is curry? Isn't it Indian or another country over there in that area?

  4. Fair dues Red, respect the silence.

    It's Indian food so look under that in the directory.

  5. You eat far to many currys i wouldn`t like to use the loo after you ;P

  6. Mmmm...curry. I've never spent any length of time in England, apart from layovers at Heathrow on my way to other places, but I've always wanted to visit. The closest I've ever gotten to any English experience was visiting a few 'authentic' pubs in Toronto. After having some 'authentic' British food (I think it was called bubbling squeak, or something like that), I came to understand why Indian food is so popular in England.

    Here in the U.S., there's a comedy 'news' show called The Daily Show. Years ago, the host at the time (Craig Kilbourn) did this interview feature called 'Five Questions,' where he would ask a guest five somewhat random questions. One show, his guest was John Cleese (one of my idols). The last question he asked him was: "Why does English food suck?"

    Without a beat, Cleese shot back, "Well, we had an Empire to run, didn't we? We couldn't be good at everything!"

    Apologies if my use of 'English' and 'British' is incorrect.


  7. English food is good, I doubt whether what they sell in a puesdo English pubs in Canada is much like the real deal and only represents a stereotype of what we eat. In fact we have the best restaurents in the world and although they don't cook purely English food they take a lot from our own cuisine.

    The English-British thing is interesting. Britain comes with political connortations about the Union which is not good, so I suppose I prefer to be English but in reality I see myself as European.

  8. Hey Daniel - great links - vital info... We don't want to become people who see the war as a fractured, virtual reality experience that is on before Friends...

  9. Indeed! That's the aim, I'll dig out some more!


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