Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Making Love in the Vestibule

Back in London for a few days to get some stuff together before back off on the road to do 'Thick As Thieves' up North, which should be a real blast; the only arse being that the gig on Sunday is to be rescheduled for a later date but I can't go home as I'm in Halifax Monday. Don't worry, the show with Amanda Holden in the audience is still on...

I did my first mail out to agents and casting people last week and I've had the first few responses coming in already which I'm chuffed about. This was a trial run of 30 Midlands and Northern based important people to gauge responses before I do the big one in a few weeks time for London based agents. It helps being able to invite them to both my showcase in June and Thick As Thieves so hopefully I can secure some kind of representation from it and start building a career. I must fight building up my hopes and keep working hard at getting an agent that I can connect with to make a living and make bloody good work...in that order...

I'm also trying to bash 'Human Shrapnel' into shape (with Marie's help, the title's for you baby!) so that I have something ready for the start of my final term on the 18th April. I'm also trying not to get distressed about the impending election that Blair gave the nod for today, see here for the tactics required in order for us to get what we want. And on a political tip Anne Widdecombe will be online tomorrow at 1pm so please hit her with some virtual webchat fists.

Now I know I've plugged MORONSDONTKNOWFROMNEWS to death but I love it, it shares my humour and it deserves your love as well so go there and revel in the shambolic joy of the place.

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