Wednesday, 13 April 2005

A One Woman Show Dressed as a Bee

Stress is oozing out of my pores today like sweat on an old man as he struggles to keep up with his grandchildren as they disappear ahead of him on their bikes, laughing as he slowly dies.

I've much to do, essay to write, house to clean and also preparation for starting back at drama school on the 18th April as well as getting my act together for THE MOTHER OF ALL MAIL OUTS to agents and other such important people...

Speaking of which I sent my one man show (which does not involve me dressing up as a bee or being a woman) off to the Hampstead Theatre with a view to getting a chance to test it out on an audience there and a bit of coverage in an excellent theatre. I'll let you know if that falls flat on it's arse.

I've added some further excellent links to your right so make sure to give them some attention and also I have a picture of a boy with a knife for you here. I also realised that I talked about Halifax and didn't post a link to that fine city where the kids ignored us as we acted our faces off. Not that I'm bitter.

Maybe more later after the essay is cracked off.

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