Friday, 22 April 2005

Politics are Good For You

Oh yes they are, very good for you, in fact they are crucial to your survival so how about getting involved at some level or another. Or maybe you'd like to bask in dangerous apathy that leaves you crippled in front of the TV with a beer and some pizza and being archly ironic, aloof and non-committal.

American readers can turn to the burned out paranoid democrat and UK readers can head to backingblair. Read, be inspired, get angry, put a poster up in your house, talk to your mates about it, whatever. Just get involved.

*Preach over*

There was a shooting near my house in London on Wednesday, at the local mini-market where I get my pesto and Ben & Jerry's. I was amused to read that the shop assistant bopped the attacker on the head who shot the other shop assistant in the groin...Ouch.

And for all your time-travel perscription drugs why not head over to here and be amused and slightly alarmed at the same time.

Be seeing you...


  1. Which is your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor? Mine is Chocolate Fudge Brownie Chunk.

  2. Regardless of who takes over, for our purposes, it's important to know the core files of NSA and CIA are kept in a secure facility in your fine country.

    Seems some people are either
    a) afraid they've pushed the American people too far this time


    b) ready to hand a burnt-out, resource-deprived chunk of rock which has had its industry gutted over to the African-American population while they build estates in Costa Rica.


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