Friday, 8 April 2005

Pope Based Humour


I've avoided mentioning the Pope until now and then I discovered this picture on the marvellous Bloggerheads and just had to post this damn image which make me weep with its irrevenrence, piety and pathos. I hope you like it.

My internet connection went down at home today so this is being typed elsewhere so the post will be brief and I'm off touring Thick As Thieves tomorrow so bloggage will be light for the next few days. We have a very important show tomorrow, lots of important people there, we must be good. In light of that I thought I'd leave you with a few things before we part...that's if I can't cram in a post tomorrow before I get in the van.

I've been struggling to get a DVD of me acting off to agents that have requested some footage of me, I've now learnt that a DVD may work in a DVD player but not in a PC. I have been struggling with said DVD and my PC trying to get it to work and to copy it but to no avail. I collapsed in a frustrated heap and just put the damn thing in a SAE and stuffed it in the post with a nice letter to return it to me.

May I point you in the direction of this blog which documents all the crime that occurred in LA in 1947. There was a lot of crime in LA in 1947 and my favourite quote is:

"Officers Jacobsen and Sheets dragged Ahlberg from the bushes, divesting him of a knife with which he had threatened his victim. At this point, the crowd became brave, and cried out 'Let us have him!"

Wish me luck.


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