Thursday, 21 April 2005

Pre Show Talk

Today will be fun.

We have a pre show talk before we do our play at the Leicester Haymarket this afternoon, it'll be fun watching the lady in charge of making it run smoothly (who may I add is called Adele and is lovely) try and stop Mark from talking. Not that Mark talking is a bad thing and he did promise me last night that he'd let me get a few words in but he can go on and go down many a bizarre side route of dialogue. I just hope that he doesn't underplay himself and his work with that working class lad made good attitude of 'anyone can do it with a bit of hard graft' that's not true.

It'll also be fun because the ego gets a boost from a whole room of people coming to talk with you about how you 'made it' so to speak and to possibly inspire others to do the same. And I've attended enough pre show talks in the past so I've earned my due in terms of giving one!

I shall leave you with the vague hope that Donald Rumsfeld will quit this summer.


  1. Bizarre side route of dialogue?

    Rummey is going to quit and he'll be replaced by a female of minority cast.

    In keeping with the new "multicultural" tradition of handing off white men's mistakes to females of visible difference, Condoleeza Rice became Secretary of State. As if she wasn't in enough trouble for gapping on the 2,400 pieces of explicit 9/11 intelligence. Goodbye and good luck, Dr. Rice.

    I predict Rummey will be replaced by either Brenda J. Scott, African-American banking CEO, or Aunt Jemima, historical stereotype. (The Prez hisownself is alleged to have opted for "duh, the, uh, pancake lady, a'cause, duh, she can' clean up her own mess aftah, duh...")

  2. Bizarre side route of dialogue?

    Oh yes, you must've experienced one of those surely?


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