Tuesday, 19 April 2005

She's Lost Control Again

Some 25 years have passed since Ian Curtis of Joy Division died, there has already been a great many words written on the matter and I shan't add to the dross apart from to say that the first time I heard 'She's Lost Control Again' I thought the world was about to end in a hail of urgent, gritted teeth-in-the gale despair that compelled me to dance like my life depended on it.

The birthday beers went very well and I had the great pleasure of the company of a good actor mate of mine Joe Alessi, who always brings laughs wherever he goes and also has a damn fine taste in music. So here's to you Joe with your crappy old phone but wonderful sense of musical history, may Val Kilmer enjoy working with you as much as I do! I'm travelling from Lisbon to Texas! YOU'RE NOT ON THE TRAIN!

Yesteday was busy hence no post, back to drama school and working hard and in the evening went to the National Theatre to see Henry IV Part I. It was okay, Michael Gambon stole the show somewhat as Falstaff (to be expected I suppose) but he was inaudible for large parts of the first act...which is not good. Matthew Macfadyen as Prince Hal however was a wonderful mix of posh goon and young buck, so go see it just for him I reckon and the chance to see Gambon in action is always a blessing.

It's my dad's birthday today and legend has it that my mother was hanging on in there so we'd share the same one, however the merciless nurses induced her and out I popped.

I've decided to tweak my links (again) and I get the feeling this will be a constant process of weeding out, so welcome It's What the Bag is For and Social Delinquency For Beginners. And with that I'll be off to pack as I jet off (or more accurately slug along in a train) to Nottingham and a 4 night stint at the Leicester Haymarket.

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