Friday, 15 April 2005

Sodomy Laws

Please don't ask me how I got to discover a website that provides a very informative guide to sodomy laws across the globe, because you wouldn't like my answer. The website itself is fascinating with the US map of sodomy here and the world map of sodomy law on the home page providing much sodomy for thought...*ahem* I meant to say food...May I re assure all readers that there are no pictures of sodomy on the site and if you want that kind of thing just type it into the conviniently placed Google bar to your right and down a bit.

Due to completing essays I treated myself with a trip into London town and to the Designer Warehouse Sale, where I snaffled a couple of bargains, including a Juicy Couture vest and some Evisu jeans for just under £100 for both. Smashing.

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