Saturday, 16 April 2005

The Surmounting of Solitude

Re-reading theatre practitioner Jerzy Grotowski's book 'Towards a Poor Theatre' at the mo and one section struck me as particularly profound in relation to blogging:

My meeting with another person, the contact, the mutual feeling of comprehension and the impression created by the fact that we open ourselves to another being, that we try to understand them: in short, the surmounting of solitude.

The dude with no hair pictured above with Grotowski is another theatre legend, Peter Brook and he came up with a pretty fine phrase as well that I'd like you to carry with you today:

Never stop. One always stops as soon as something is about to happen.

So taking that thought from Mr Brook and marching remorselessly on I'd like to draw your attention to my personal aim to remove Tony Blair from the Labour leadership but to retain the Labour party in power. Simply put, 'Labour in. Blair out.' With that in mind, Tim at backingblair has created a marvellous bit of flash to remind us of the reality of the conflict in Iraq. I urge you to watch it and think long and hard about what has been done in your name.


  1. 'Labour in. Blair out.'

    It looks like you have the same view of Blair that nearly half of America has of Bush.

  2. I hope so but in the UK we have no limits on how many terms you can serve...


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