Thursday, 7 April 2005

To Be Opened By Addressee Only

Dear Marie if you're reading this Marie, I LOVE YOU!

If you're not Marie then carry on reading because have I got news for you? Well, no I haven't but dammit that won't stop me. First off there is no sign of life on the best blog in the world ever, we wait with baited breath for that beast to kick into action. On a blogging tip I am a little cross (read jealous) of David Duchovny's blog getting placed as a 'blog of note', as if he doesn't have enough publicity already and his blog is only of note because he is David Duchovny.

I think that the holler of DECREPIT MEN SEEKING YOUNG TARTS should be a blog of note and although I'm not decrepit yet and not in need of a young tart I think it's a damn fine idea.

As is singing along to 'It's a Small World' (that's right, the song on the awful ride at Disney) right here and if that doesn't entertain you enough then will this do you greedy remorseless bastard?

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