Friday, 1 April 2005


We did 'Thick As Thieves' today for young offenders in the Welsh town of Wrexham, which was nice.

Actually it was really hard work (in a theatrical sense that is, not in a steelworks way which is proper hard work) but good fun and nice to be back working with young people again, even really difficult ones. I think many moments really hit home and the workshop raised some important issues about offending behaviour. The silence when Mark's character stabs me was priceless, we shut up a group of hard and rowdy kids with a real moment of friendship being betrayed.

And we must have done a good job as we were asked back to work with the really tough kids at a later date, something Mark and I can't wait for...

We have three shows coming up next week starting on Saturday which should be a right laugh, full of booze, comedy double acts at their best and celebrities...well Amanda Holden...but more of that later.

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