Sunday, 15 May 2005

Are You Famous?

I'm on my bus home, it's about 11.45pm after a horrendously laborious journey back from Guildford and the final show at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre. As we arrive at the bus stop outside Borough tube station I notice that there appears to be around 100 young people, mostly dressed in black, engaged in a massive scuffle.

Within the seconds the bus is swarmed by teenagers attempting to escape what turned out to be a gangfight between opposing crews in south east London and after much tension the bus eventually pulls off under a hail of spit and clumsy kicks.

I'm surrounded by a gaggle of girls, one of which is crying as her ankle got hurt in the melee, her mates however are laughing at her and attempting to chat me up. The one opposite lent on my knee and said: "Are you famous?" and before I could reply that yes, I am very slightly famous they leapt off the bus at the next stop.

The final show in Guildford went very well and once again I was filled by nostalgia. I've been doing this play (Thick As Thieves) on and off for 4 years and we are, at last and rightly so, putting it to rest within the next month. Wednesday takes us to Derby and Thursday to London and that, apart from two shows for young offenders in South Tyneside, is that.

Hopefully, we will do one more after that at Mark's house, the place where it all began back in 2002 as a send off to what has been a wonderful adventure.

As we packed up our set tonight and left yet another theatre after making people laugh and disappear happy into the night, I thought about if I'll return to this theatre again and with what show and what context or if this is the last time. And with that thought, I'll leave you.


  1. Mr. Hoffman-Gill,

    Delighted as I was at provoking a response from somebody with my blog being only two days old, I was ever so slightly disappointed by the fact that it wasn't an altogether positive one.

    However, I have to admit you did make a fair point and I'd also like to congratulate you on your blog, which is far superior to my lacklustre attempt.

    In the mean time, I'll get back to work on that wheel...

  2. Sorry - it's Antony again - I forgot the "n" off the end of "Hoffmann" in my previous comment, I do apologize.

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. Keep up the writing, it's better than hanging around on street corners injecting smack.

  4. Please, don't comment on my blog, especially if you're gonna judge me when you don't even know me.

  5. She doesn't know what she's talking about. You're not arrogant as she says on her blog. Just because you're an actor doesn't mean you're an arse-hole.

    You and I have been reading each other's blogs for a while now. And I appreciate every comment, even the ones I may not agree with. You're original and I think that is fantastic.

    Ignore the judging teenager. There are many people who enjoy what you have to say, even when we may not agree. But at least we're mature enough not to go judging and ranting about it. You can comment on my blog anytime. Please keep coming back.

  6. I'm absolutely famous. I'm so famous there isn't a day goes by that I can go out without being flocked by fans.

    And I think Daniel's comments were absolutely fair regarding Antony's blog, and I'm a Col. Dr., who could argue with me?

    I think Knox has some really expressive poetry, although he crutches out on cliches and word subs too often.

    I hope the existential epiphany breaks him of this habit and that he doesn't kill himself when he finds out how little everything means. I think good words could come from his pain.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. 1) I'm a guy.
    2) I am mature, I just don't like being judged on a basis of absolute nothingess.
    3) I really don't get how you can call me judging.
    4) Just becuase I'm a teenager, makes me no less of a person that you, don't patronise me

    And to the other guy, thanks. Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill myself. I use my poems to express myself when I'm feeling low, not as a means of telling people I'm off to top myself.

  9. Well, my teenage angst consisted of hoping some Croation cocksuckers didn't come and murder my squad between shell bursts, so I can't directly identify with Knox's feelings.

    My point was, that for the social group within which he has identified himself, his method of expression seems apropos, except for the thin nihilism.

    That he attempts to be expressive, on its own, makes his work successful. I'd like to see more original language used to describe common thoughts and themes, there are a lot of cliche phrases strung together at points, but sometimes in a McDonaldized culture like 1999-2005 UK Punk turned into, this can be poetry itself.

  10. Holy shit! She's a guy?!? Well he/she acts a little the middle-school girlie back-stabbing gossip queen. Great show! Hey, Daniel, think you could find a role for he/she/it?


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