Sunday, 29 May 2005

Breaking God's Heart

Courtesy of the legendary Ernie Flapps:

Christianity, I’ve been told by an expert, is a mild form of depression. And one day I was strolling through my town and I saw some Christians selling the message of our Lord and they had put the face of Jesus Christ on a bucket. They had then made a wall out of the buckets.

Surely he never envisaged this? That everything he did would come down to this? Twisting people’s arms to believe in him after all he did. What a sad mess...I bet he deserted us long ago.


  1. it is a sad mess...but deserter Jesus is not

  2. I have no faith but for those that do I hope you're right...

  3. Jesus had himself crucified to get the hell away from us.

  4. Graham Nash said it better than I could:

    "Open up the gates of the church and let me out of here!
    Too many people have lied in the name of Christ
    For anyone to heed the call.
    So many people have died in the name of Christ
    That I can't believe it all."

    There is a difference between church and The Church.
    There is a difference between religion and organized religion.
    There is a difference between religiosity and spirituality.
    There is a difference between believing in God and believing that any particular religion is God's Holy Word.

  5. the title of that post sounds familiar?

  6. How could I forget Richard? For those of you not in the knwo Ricahrd and I collaborated on an art exhibition at the Nottingham Playhouse.

    Richard provided the art and I provided the chutzpah to put it on.

  7. Xianity is about power, and power is about money. Politics forces money from fools with threats, religion coaxes it from them with promises.


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