Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Fade to Black

First rehearsal of Fade to Black today, well it wasn't so much a rehearsal as an experience.

Fade to Black is a two hander which will be taking place in a hotel room in London, I'm playing James, a man who has lost his wife to illness and Fiona is playing Rachel, my wife...who is dead so she'll be a aura in the room rather than an actual person. Think 'Ghost' meets 'truly Madly Deeply' and you'll be half way there but this will be happening in a hotel room to an audience of 10 at a time. Intimate ain't the word and I will also be nude in it as I have a shower at some part in the show. Nice. So if any of you want to see my penis please feel free to contact me and book tickets.

Today we recreated the first time James and Rachel met, we did it on location at the National Film Theatre in London on the banks of the Thames and as we acted in a real space our director Luke and writer Gemma watched like Peeping Tom's, scribbling down snatches of dialogue. It was weird to say the least but great fun and nice to flex the Method acting muscles again.

Whilst acting I also struck up a rapport with an old homeless man who was utterly oblivious to the scenario (as it should be) and we talked about many things, including how pictures suck his skin dry of good chemicals and how his mother held him in her arms when he was born and was so sure he was dead she asked the nurse to have him cremated.

The class at the boy's school went very well and the lads seem keen to come and see me when I do 'Human Shrapnel' which I'll tell you more about tomorrow after the first rehearsal.

Better get learning lines...


  1. You're awfully brave to let ten people (at a time) view your penis.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I think I would have to have a decent amount of alcohol before baring what I have for all to see.

  3. Geez Daniel - brave you are! Sounds fascinating actually...

  4. I require a two-hander for shower scenes as well,

    ...he said with the arrogance of a Canuck Officer...

  5. It often makes me wonder just how many actors have done the nude thing,I suppose it would be the majority as nudity is such an everyday thing!Anyway hope all goes well mate!


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