Sunday, 22 May 2005

The Following Was Stuck on a Bus Stop

I found this stuck on a bus stop at London Bridge and thought I'd share it with you all. You couldn't make it up...
Stop helping racism
I've been threatened by the police, security and people with dogs seriously in London for three years because of the request from Finland. They told people that I was about to become a criminal. I had suffered the threat and harassment over ten years in Finland. They made propaganda that I was mentally sick and the same time they eavesdropped my private home. My brother was harassed and threatened. He worked for Kone company in Hyvinkaa for 12 years. He was burnt alive in Riihimaki Finland. After his death, his wedding ring and bracelet were stolen by the police in Riihimaki and they sent the body for doctor who took his organs and brain. When I discovered the problem the police tried to manipulate the evidence and prevented the complaint and stopped people from seeing the persons who knew the case. I was threatened. When I continue to complain and my grandmother died because of doctor mistake in the hospital in Finland. My second brother was threatened and he got sick seriously. They made the propaganda against me in every country where I went. Please don't let them take advantage your mobile phone to harass and control the victim.
Yours truly


  1. Errr---ummm--yeah. Those nasty Finns. Can't trust a one of them.

    Hey--I was wondering if you could help me out--According to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs (
    George Galloway did not submit a statement to their oil-for-food hearings. Now, I'm sure it was just a mistake; Mr. Galloway probably stuck the statement up the wrong ass when he left. I've been trying to find some way of contacting him, so that he could maybe email his statement to Senator Coleman? I've been trying to find some way of contacting him on the internet, with no success. I know that England's a big country (well, maybe not as big as ours, but still..) and the chances of you two bumping into each other at the local pub are slim, but maybe you could send him a note at Parlaiment? Becuz I'm sure our Gummint wants the records to be accurate in this affair.

    Thanks, and Yeharr.

  2. Americans are SO good at pretending they don't get it. It's almost as if...

    You don't think their government is making the propaganda against them so they won't figure things out, do you?

    And since when does a tiny inconsistency in the paperwork of the food-for-oil program justify creaming a third world nation?

    Oh, sure, we may have violated International Law and wiped our ass with the Code of Human Rights, and sure, we may have committed 1 469 verified war crimes so far, but YOUR guy made off with seventy thousand dollars in dirty oil money.

    Half a TRILLION to American "mop-up" corporations so far, bubs. Half a TRILLION.

    Sorry for flooding your comments, Daniel.

  3. The only person I'd ever stalk is Ellen Muth. And I'm not planning on stalking her...


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