Thursday, 5 May 2005

I Look Like a Thug

Today I had a haircut, in preparation for the performance of 'Human Shrapnel' where I play an ex-soldier. It looks the business, a proper marine crew cut but I do look like a thug/convict/killer. Either that or a really tall, butch version of Jimmy Somerville from Bronski Beat/The Communards.

Have you noticed how many strokes I've been using in this post? Not these strokes though as I hate them and their God awful music.

Red enquired about my night in Soho and to be honest I can't remember, I drank a lot of beer, some wine and had a cracking night out with pals.


  1. Is that you? Doesn't look like the profile pic.

    Too bad you couldn't remember. Maybe next time you'll take along a camera.

  2. Don't let anything impress you. If Christ returns, sneer and say, "What the fuck took you so long?" That's how to play an ex-soldier.

    And complain that the Americans laze about while everyone else does the work, then swoop in when the cameras show up.

  3. Red, that's not me, I promise...

    Col. Dr, that's a damn fine tip; I'll be using that!

  4. Thank God that's not you. That dude is one walking pile of ugliness.

    Your profile pic is handsome and distinguished.

  5. Looking good there Dan..scares the shit out of me!

  6. I knew who someone who looked a bit like that guy... He didn't look as scary though, and he actually was a soldier. Funny hair and all.

    Just pretend to take yourself and your country very seriously.


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