Tuesday, 24 May 2005

I Smash Myself Up

Apart from finding weird things at bus stops I'm so busy rehearsing and typing damn letters to agents and other such important people in my industry. So apologies for lack of posts but the dust should be settling by next week and can focus on acting for a week or so.

Blink O Rama seems to have gone down (but you can click the link anyway) so I hope it's not gone forever and comes back twice as strong. UPDATE! It has now been replaced with a crass blog selling credit cards so looks like a blog hijack! I'm removing the link until this is sorted out!

Speaking of going down like a plane shot to pieces with flame coming from it's tail my good friend John wrote one of the best damn things I've ever read on his blog. Trouble is I know him and one can't help but get a feeling of awful helplessness, so love John by reading how the pain has gone straight to his head...

Speaking of blogs go give Cranky Yankee a try but only if you like full-on politics. It's all gone quiet on the emo-kids blog so maybe he stopped moaning and took his own life and after me vouching for him, Antony Mouse has gone quiet as well. Have I hexed the young bloggers with my voodoo? No, they are just lazy fuckers.

Marie saw Human Shrapnel for the first time (in rehearsal) and she provided me with loads of good ideas to make it better but more importantly she seemed genuinely touched by the piece and she thought it was cool. I know she's got to say that but she is tough when it comes to theatre and her praise meant the world to me and I could tell it really moved her. She's off on a holiday with her mum and I will miss her desperately.

Safe journey Marie. I love you.


  1. Don't you hate it when you get all riled, and the players quit and go home?

    I have a thought on the weird letter you found at the bus stop. How many paranoid people do you think sign their emergency contact letters, "yours truly?"

    HELP! We're all sinking in the Channel on a rented dory! We've had to eat the cook and the brig officer is making the propaganda against us! Yours truly...

  2. I find it amusing that you have to persist in being an ass.

  3. Daniel,
    I, too, am disappointed in the absence of Blink O Rama.
    And it looks like the immature teenager who is obsessed with you has not actually disappeared from your life after all.
    I am also wondering what happened to Antony. For being only 16 years old, he is such an intelligent young man. Maybe your stalker could learn a thing or two from him.
    Yes, Marie, have a safe journey to wherever you're going. Daniel loves you very much.
    Daniel, don't apologize for lack of posts. We, your readers, understand the time and effort you put into your work. I know I'll still be here, and I'm sure the others will as well. Keep on keeping on.
    :) Red

  4. I find it amusing that Knox still comes by, even though he is totally against everything you apparently say. No one is forcing you onto this blog, honey. If you don't like it, click off.

  5. Red, I think you really need to consider something. He started posting judgemental shit on my blog first. I never intended on coming here and am certainly no "stalker", if anything it's the other way round, I don't recall ever posting about him in my entries.

    Jodi, when some asshole persistantly makes comments in their blog, regarding me, I think I have a right to express my view on them.

  6. Daniel, check back again on Knox's blog. I believe you still have me to reply to, or could you not manage that. A few posts down, the one with 16 comments. =P

  7. Ha! Ha! It seems as though Jodi and I have his panties in a twist! Poor baby. I read Daniel's first comment; he was not judgemental, but compassionate and trying to relate. It's not his fault his words were taken the wrong way or misunderstood.

    Daniel, you're not commenting on his blog...So why is he still here harrassing you? I don't get teenage mentality, I really don't. I didn't even get it when I was a teenager. I never understood the teen-angst thing.

    Well, I believe I've had enough play-time with the immature teenager. This will be my last comment about him. I have much better things to do.

    And yes, teeny-bopper, I know you will probably reply to this comment just so you can get the last word. Go ahead.

    Daniel, we'll keep you company while Marie is gone on holiday. It's nice that she's spending time with her mum. "Girl talk" and all that. I wish my mother didn't live so far away. But she likes the mountains and desert, and I'm unfortunately stuck in the middle of Tornado Alley.

    Read you later!

  8. Teeny bopper? That's a new one. Yeah, I do like having the last word. His comments were judgemental and a pile of crap tbqfh. He may not be commenting on my blog, yet the freak is still making reference to me in his posts and posting links to my blog. This I feel I have every right to "harrass" him.

  9. The children have been dispatched with facts Red, Jodi et al.

    No doubt they shall come trolling back with name calling...

  10. Heh-heh. I love you, Daniel. Shhh! Please don't tell my husband.

  11. Wow. I missed all this excitement!

    Knox, don't you realize that everything you write gives us more to mock? Daniel's original comment to you so long ago was not meant to be an insult. You're the only one who took it that way. Please take your teen angst elsewhere. All of us here have already dealt with our own and that was enough.

    Besides, you're outnumbered. We all love Daniel, so try as you might... you won't win. But go ahead and have the last word. I wouldn't want you stomping your feet and threatening to tell my mom.

  12. LMAO! Of course I was the only one to take offence, it was directed at me. How fucking retarded would it be for someone else to take offence to it? Or does logic defy you? I'll take my teen angst where I feel like taking it, just like Daniel took his judgemental twatishneed with him. Outnumbered? You think I really care that you idolise this prat? You think that just because that you agree with him that makes him right?

    "If a thousand people say a foolish thing, it's still a foolish thing"

    I will have the last word, as I said before, coz I want it and because I have something to say to your comments.

  13. And still he goes on...

    Jodi is right, the more you spout off with swearwords and your tantrum about having the last word the more you look like a child struggling to be an adult.

    And I was nice to you on your blog.

    Young people today...what shall we do with them?

  14. Well you know what they say Daniel - 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.' So in the nicest way possible, stop being a patronising old fart and come be one of us! :D

    Anyways, I'm done.

  15. Thanks for yuor profound and witty comments Sponge.

    I'm not patronising, just offering advice and I was young (in fact I still am) but you'll get it when you've grown up.

  16. Daniel, you were right. Thanks for the 'heads up'.

    Off topic, but my son is throwing such a tantrum and telling me to "shut up mom" just because I told him to stop being ornery to his sister. This type of behaviour reminds me of...of...Ah, hell, I can't remember what it reminds me of. It must not have been important.

  17. Red loves Daniel! The rest of the world waits with bated breath for the next turn in this tale.

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