Friday, 20 May 2005

Idiot Ballads

If you've read my profile you'll have noticed that I have a soft spot for Idiot Ballads.

What are Idiot Ballads I hear you cry? Damn fine question and I'll do my best to answer. Idiot Ballads are fragments of writing and aphorisms written by Ernie Flapps, a talking dog. Their home is normally Lunch Break, one of my favourite sites in the world, but Ernie Flapps has started up a damn blog as well for his stupid thoughts and I'm the happiest man in the world! So read them and he'll be added to my links of note.

Doing some research for 'Human Shrapnel' the play about a veteran I'm doing in June and I stumbled upon this quote from an ex-soldier:

"Every living minute war memories are with me."

The idea that once you've fought you're never the same and that you constantly carry the events of the conflict with you, is one that I wonder if many wannabe soldiers ever consider. Surely they must? I know I wouldn't do it...Well, I would if I had to defend my country from attack but I'm sure I'd still get the nightmares afterwards.


  1. You compare everything you see to the things that traumatise you, and nothing out-fucks death.

  2. Yeah, I would think that going to war scars you for life. A guy I used to work with came back from Iraq after an 18 month deployment and he said that he has never heard Taps played as much as he heard it played over there. How many funerals they must go to...


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