Thursday, 19 May 2005

It's Over, Now Come Play With Me

Just got back from the final 'proper' show of Thick As Thieves in London, we sold out, made them laugh, made ourselves laugh and after packing the set in the van nursed our cold beers, embraced and went off into the London night. The next time we'll meet is for tow performances to young offenders in South Tyneside before a farewell show in Mark's house in Netherfield where it all started all those years ago...well 2002.

I'm too tired to be sad but I am sad, I can feel that dull ache of something wonderful passing and the gaping maw of fear and what will replace it.

I'm much too tired to think or type at the moment, I have a day of 9am-9pm rehearsal ahead of me, a massive pile of ironing and letters to be sent to important people about 'Fade to Black' and 'Human Shrapnel'.

But as always I'll leave you with something, I did an interview with a journalist from this newspaper in Pennsylvania about my blog and this one. Which was both nice and weird as I like the thought of reaching people deep in Pennsylvania. Maybe some of them will come visit me and say hi? Hope so.

May I also share with you this caption competition in the vain hope you'll post a caption? I think the picture deserves words and here is some dark madness. I don't know if I like it but I found it and I was kinda hoping it was a fan site for The Darkness but it's not...

Finally here is a picture of a sexy girl! Goodnight.


  1. My friend, I looked as many places as I could on that newspaper website, but saw nothing regarding you or your blog. Could you post the article, or at least tell us the headline so I could do an archive search?

    FYI--I've driven through Allentown many times. It takes about 8 minutes, which is about 7 minutes too long. Lots of great places to get fudge there, though.

    Nice babe, but I think she'd look better with sidebu...

    oh, wait. I don't want to start that again.

    Or maybe we should! There's all sorts of fetishists out there--maybe could make us some dough!


  2. Stupid hands are always in the wrong places.

  3. BP! I don't think it's been printed yet my good man but I'll let yo uknow when it is.

  4. Seeing the end of Thick as Theves must have hurt!!

    Good luck with the new venture mate!

  5. One a show ends another one begins so that's something to look forward to...

    I have cousins who live In Pennsylvania (Stroudsburg and Wind Gap). Not sure if they get the paper but I'll mention it to them.
    That's pretty neat to have your blog written about.

  6. Red's probably sexier than that bitch....




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