Wednesday, 18 May 2005

A Quick One While He's Away

Not really got time to post but as my homepage has had a habit recently of replacing itself with a big white screen, I wanted to re-assure all readers that it's all good at Blurred Clarity. No idea what's causing the problem...unless the emo kid has put a hex on me with his voodoo powers.

A few things before I go to Derby...

Just spent a fortune on having my photos done, for those of you that don't know an actor's photo and CV are his only weapons in the war to get work. Well that and talent but they can't see your talent until they come to see you and that's the problem. They being the people that make the acting world go round, agents, casting directors and other such types. I've off now to collect the first bunch and getting the second load tomorrow from here.

How dull was that?

Yesterday bought a fascinating moment in the rehearsals for Fade to Black (please read if you have no idea of the context of the piece). Our director set up the hotel room in the rehearsal space and we began the opening of the play but improvising around the themes and work done so far. I (in character as James) was on the bed laughing hysterically at the idea of cranberry tea when the laughter turned in to sobbing and I broke down over an imaginary kettle.

The sense that I was in a room that I had once shared with someone I loved utterly and how I could never have them again consumed me and I shuddered to a distressed halt, it took me a while to regain my composure and then carry on with the improvisation.

I love acting.


  1. Great blog Daniel,

    I was disturbed to hear you had spent a fortune on having photos done..

    When dealing with artists and musicians i tend to offer my services for costs.

    I figure you never know when you may need an actor on your side and trade for trade is an rare concept now-a-days.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Yes, *Hex*.

    Beware, it may not be your blog next.

    *rolls eyes* You really are pathetic.

  3. I'm glad to note that the mysterious big white screen is only a temporary problem.

    You really are lucky to be acting in what sounds like a very interesting and engaging play. I hope it all goes well for you, as I'm confident that it will: there is nothing quite like an actor who is passionate about his art.

    I, alas, have to make do with acting in miserable school plays for now - but we all have to start somewhere...

    And in any case, I enjoy it and that's the main thing, right?

  4. Glad you're back! I missed you yesterday.

    Doesn't that insulting chick have anything better to do than trash other blogs? Geez! Hasn't she ever heard of karma? Why does she keep coming back? Maybe it's because she secretly has a crush on you and wants to fuck your brains out. Oh my gosh! Daniel officially has a stalker! Beware Daniel! Watch out! I'll save you!

  5. Again...Misgendering...See last comment...Apology...Yeah, um, okay. Well, then. Carry on.

    (Oh, and I still think he may like you and want to fuck your brains out. Too bad for him that you have a girlfriend, eh? lol)

    PS: Daniel, I think your big forehead is sexy. Don't let the shemale bring you down.

  6. OMG! Do you not get it? I'm not a fucking woman.

    And no, karma is bullshit. Also, he's the prat that started spamming up my blog with his judgemental comments.

  7. Daniel does spike some controversial topics. However, he does not judge. He may offer his opinion, which I gratefully respect and find valid, as everyone is entitled to their opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Even you.

  8. On a more interesting and mature note...

    Will you be sharing some of your new photos with us, Daniel? I have been fascinated by your work ever since I began reading your blog, especially Human Shrapnel which you wrote yourself, as well as acted in and produced. What does an actor's CV look like anyway? Please share the photos if you can.

  9. *deep breath*

    Thanks for stopping by Christian but how did you get here?

    Knox' I'm not the one passing off my 6th form poetry as a decent form of expression so hold up with the pathetic nonsense and prat. You're 17, you think you are the centre of the world; you're not and once you get that you'll be a lot happier.

    Mr Mouse, yes you're right, the plays the thing!

    Red, thanks for watching my corner and the attack of the emo kid with a funny name.

  10. I know I'm not the centre of the world, believe me.

  11. You're welcome, Daniel. I simply do not understand how someone, out of the blue, just begins attacking someone like that.

    This is Blog-Land! If you don't want comments, then activate the 'no comments' function of your blog. Or, you could erase the comments you don't like. But is it really necessary to go full force at someone you do not know just because you don't agree with a comment they put on your blog?

    I don't agree with some of my comments either, but I don't go round bitching at people for their opinions. I never even adopted such crass behaviour when I was a teenager. Of course I was mature and made respectable grades, skipping my junior year (11th grade) of high school, whilst holding down a job.

    I think (that's right, think, as in "my opinion is this...") that someone needs to find a new hobby. Trashing other people on the internet does not sound like very much fun to me.

  12. Wow, what a prat. How can he possibly think that he is the centre of the universe. Doesn't everyone know that I hold that distinction? :)

    Glad to see that your blog has returned from the land of white.

  13. Oh. My. God.

    This descriptive moment from Fade To Black touches me deeply. Have many times loved in honesty, and cried in solitude.

  14. Well I've got more of that awaiting me tomorrow...

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