Friday, 27 May 2005

A Racist Joke

Bigotry is such an attention grabber.

Marie is safe and well and out of the hospital now and trying to enjoy the rest of her holiday in the sun so that's good news. Further good news is all the nonsense with Knox is now a thing of the past which will no doubt mean the number of comments will drop to a reasonable level. I might have to start a fight with someone else...

Have I told you that London is bastard hot? Well it is and I'm sweating a lot. The letter writing is slowly easing up as I only have around another 40 to do and I'm already getting some replies back from my first batch; some bad some ambivalent but all it takes is one. All I have to do now is learn all my lines, clean the house and do the ironing.

Over at the excellent Political Moose I found this, which I think you should all watch. A US politician standing up, being counted and wearing his heart on his sleeve. I'll leave you with that to inspire your day.


  1. i would prefere to think that the gentlemans tattoo is a reference to me. power to me! unfortunately i fear he is a misguided fool... and yes, it's bloody hot in london.

  2. Great how we kick off when it get's warm...The great English moan about the weather..I love being English! Bloody weather!

  3. I hate bastard hot, and prefer semi-legitimate-but-still-not-invited-to-Xmas cold.

    Better yet, I wish the weather was probably-the-child-of-my-father's-twin-brother-which-is-genetically-okay-so-we'll-get-away-with-it-THIS-time freezing cold.

    But without the hey-your-son-looks-like-that-guy-who-was-about-selling-knife-sets-in-'75 dampness from the sea.

  4. Hey Daniel, sorry about the heat - but isn't it the humidity that's the real killer? Of course the photo of that moron's head is basically a call back to the first "blog", isn't it? A bit low ram, but essentially the same idea. Throwing some words out into the zeitgeist to make an impact. Of course it's the reader's response posts that are a bitch as they all have to be tatooed on as well. So sorry to hear about Marie, and glad to hear she's better. When does she return and how does one deal with the absence?

  5. Thanksfor your concern Phil, she comes home on the 1st June and as for dealing with her absence...I'm not but I'm happy of that, I hope I can never cope with her absence.

    I just spend a lot of time online and listening to punk rock.

    And I like the idea of tatoos as blogs...

  6. That tattoo is so badly done, I'd guess he did it himself.

  7. I'll fight with you. But then we'll have to have make-up sex.

  8. With me? Can I have that on the record please?


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