Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Random Act of Kindness

I was supposed to be at the theatre tonight watching a three hour version of Uncle Vanya by one of the best companies in the world but I couldn't face it as I have so much work to do at home and want to get an early night. But I couldn't sell my ticket to anyone so I left it with a note in the foyer of the theatre for some one to find (or not) and they get a free seat in the stalls that cost me £26. I left them a note to pop by here and leave a comment so keep 'em peeled...I hope they stop by.

Today has felt a bit like a walking social experiment, whether it's the hilarious deluge of comments from the most depressed teenager in the world or the excellent new blog I've linked to, called Cranky Yankee, or the fact that Antony Mouse is still worryingly quiet, or a deadly new trend in the UK and of course, me leaving a free treat for someone in a theatre.

Today also bought the final session in the boy's school in Willesden which was also, in it's own way, a social experiment. The class went well but Prince (one of the pupils, just in case you thought I meant the diminutive singer of 'Purple Rain') was playing up and distracting everyone to the detriment of the session. When I eventually got his attention I asked him the following question:

In the four sessions I've done with you, have I ever dis-respected you?
He answered no. I went on: In the four sessions I've done with you, have I ever dis-respected anyone in the group? Again, Prince answered no and by the this time the class was hushed. Well, I feel that you're dis-respecting me with your behaviour and I want to ask you why you're doing it? In the silence came the words: I'm sorry. And we got on with the class.

I learnt another lesson today and once again it was Prince that taught me it. We were wrapping up the session with 'Zip, Zap, Boing' a drama game where you pretend to 'zap' people with your hands rather like a laser gun. Prince very honestly turned around and said: "we can't play this cuz all kinds of shootings happen around here". I felt suitably chastened and as if I came from another world. I'll miss my Wednesday afternoons with the lads and I really hope they come and see Human Shrapnel when it's on. I'll be proud to have them there.

Here is a picture of someone else who did random acts of kindness but on a grander scale. Until tomorrow...


  1. AMEN!

    Can I get an "AMEN"?!?


    A walking social experiment is a good representation of the comments on your previous post. My hypothesis is that those of us who are not in love with your witty personality and charm will eventually bugger off. However, I have been wrong in my life and am not afraid to admit it. Only time will tell if my hypothesis is valid through what appears to be a never-ending conclusion.

    And where the f**k is Antony Mouse? Perhaps he was devoured by the Cheshire Cat?

  2. Some people find it hard to be as prolific as us...

  3. They scare me too, shall we laugh to defuse the situation...

  4. ha ha... ha ha ha... ha... err. no. i'm still shitting in my pants...

    he's got nice hair though.

  5. Yeah, a bit like yours when we was younger and more rock.

  6. I think He'd look better if He lost the beard and 'stache and just went with sideburns..


  7. Great link to Cranky Yankee.

    Red's red hot on this blog, man. Whoo-ee. I'm not going there, just pointing it out...think I'll look at your Jesus pic instead.

    Jesus looks like an Allman brother. Now I'm going to play my Paisley Strat.

    Be well.


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