Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well

Oh dear.

You've got to laugh...and I do like causing trouble.

I was using the next blog button as I thought to myself that I'd not done much searching for new blog treats and I stumbled upon this and this and some other stuff that I'll tell you about another time.

The first blog took my harsh, remorselessly honest comments on the chin and is upping the ante whislt the second has gone all 'emo' and mardy and is pulling a grump. To young Antony Mouse my hat is tipped but to Knox...I feel a lot of eyeliner running down cheeks being mopped up by sweatbands is in order.

The 9am-9pm rehearsal schedule is taking its toll in terms of posting here so forgive me but things are going very well with both shows. I'm sure it will soon become stable and my posting will get back to normal but until that time, stick in there and remember that tomorrow I'm in Derby and Thursday in London doing the final shows of Thick As Thieves. I tear will be in my eye as I bid farewell to Barry Ireland.


  1. "I feel a lot of eyeliner running down cheeks being mopped up by sweatbands is in order."

    See, you're doing it again, judging people. I don't wear poxy eyeliner, or sweatbads.

    Why should I have to take your comments "on the chin"? You don't know me.

  2. Ha ha - sems that you have got Knox's knickers in a twist - good for you! London show? Tell me more...I am sorry that I missed the Arnauld - uber-busy here (but you probably guessed that from my blog absence!)

  3. I've left you a comment Barnaby with the facts!

  4. This is why I thought he/she/it was a girl...The talk about eyeliner. Excuse me. I apologise for misgendering the "Daniel-trasher".

  5. i'm wondering if anyone else knows what 'mardy' means? if i recall, it is unique to the english region dan and i are from.

  6. It is unique Rich bit I couldn't help but slip into local slang to alienate the self-harmer...

  7. Daniel, let me first stress that I respect your comments, and your opinions regarding these situations as they've unfolded.

    This isn't lip service, you have a demonstrably brutal grip on reality that completely impresses me.

    At the same time, I feel Knox's abrupt manner obscures a talent for communicating and extrapolating the teenage angst you mention. Yes, we all don't cut our wrists, but how does the mental process leading up to that act develop, and how can it be expressed?

    I see much of Knox's poetry as a valid attempt to do this. I don't endorse suicidal art, yet I find a real, human sentiment in how he expresses the struggle to come to grips with serious adult decisions about love and death.

    As for the personal comments made on your blog, I think Knox would do himself a favour by listening to those who have dragged themselves over the coals, and said to the firemaster, "Bitch, I said I like it HOT."

  8. oh my god me serri, you have sum well mard arses here, loving you, from freak witch!!!!! funny though can't wait to see you both and that mardy Stu xxxxxx


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